Karriborlhme Kunwok

Karriborlhme Kunwok Let's learn words!

Karriborlhme Kunwok 'learning language' is an email list to which you can subscribe and regularly receive a word in Bininj Kunwok (Kunwinjku, Kundjeyhmi and other dialects). If you are interested in learning something about Bininj Kunwok, this is a great way to expand your vocabulary and knowledge about the language. For Bininj who already know how to speak the language, this is also a good way to learn how to spell words. Some grammatical information about the word is given and an illustrative sentence is often also included. Emails will be about once  a week.

To go to the site to either view the archive or subscribe, click here. To subscribe click on the link above which says yi-ngeynamerren ('put your name'). There will also be a link to unsubscribe.