Bininj Gunwok Talk About Health: Medical terms and vocabulary for health professionals.

This book is now out of print (and written before the unified orthography applied), but we can send you a digital file if you contact us on our contact page.

Bu yi-durrkmirri kore health clinic dja yi-djare yi-benbukkan Balanda nawu nurse dja doctor kore kabirri-durrkmirri kore clinic ngudberre, mahni djurra kaben-bidyikarrme Kunwinjku dja Gundjeihmi-ken kun-wok. Ngurri-wokngimen kore Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation ngurrben-djawan mahni djurra kumekke ngurri-bayahme.

Kunwinjku Kunwok by Steve and Narelle Etherington

The best learner's guide to Kunwinjku is this resource produced by Steve and Narelle Etherington. With the authors' permission and the usual copyright conditions, this valuable resource is now embedded and downloadable below. Click on the link below (the title of the resource). This will allow you to download the book. If you only want to browse the book online without downloading it, you can also view it via SCRIBD below. Note- if you try to download it via SCRIBD, their site will ask you to pay a subscription fee. If you click on the link below you can download it without having to pay a fee.

Mahni djurra bene-bimbom Steve dja Narelle Etherington ba Balanda kabirri-borlbme Kunwinjku Kunwok dja man-ngarre kadberre. Nungka Na-Bulanj Steve mahmeng kamak bu ngarri-kurrme konhda ba Balanda dja Bininj kabirri-mang. Bu yi-djare yi-mang, yi-biddjuyme kore kun-wok ka-yo kanjdji wanjh ka-wokbebme kore computer ke.

To download click below. Beware, this file is 28MB:
Kunwinjku Kunwok: A Short Introduction to Kunwinjku Language and Society

For those with a background in linguistics, Nicholas Evans has produced a two volume descriptive grammar of Bininj Gunwok dialects. This is arguably one of the best descriptive grammars of any Australian language. It is a technical work designed for a readership with linguistic training but many sections are accessible for non-specialists. It is now out of print but available as a pdf file from the publisher Asia-Pacific Linguistics.

Murray Garde has produced an ethnography of communication. This is a description of how Bininj Kunwok speakers refer to other people in conversation. It is available from the publisher John Benjamins or from your favourite online bookstore.