Antidesma ghaesembilla 1
Antidesma ghaesembilla 2
Kudjewk wanjh karrimang mandjurlukkumarlba.
'In the wet season we get mandjurlukkumarlba berries.'
It's now the season for mandjurlukkumarlba berries (Antidesma ghaesembila). In Kuninjku they are called mandjurlukkurn. In Kundjeyhmi they are called andjurlukkumarlba and in Kune they are djurlukkurn.
Kuninjku people near Mumeka like to get these berries at this time of year at Bilindje on the Mumeka to Maningrida road on the Tomkinson flood plain.
The plant also has a nickname called kunjkurlba which means 'kangaroo blood'. That's because the old people used to use the juice as part of kangaroo sorcery to hunt kangaroos. They sprayed the juice on to kangaroo tracks on the ground and eventually the legs of the kangaroos would become arthritic and lock up, making it easier to spear them.
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photos by Gary Fox
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Bush-waken Man-me

Bush-waken Man-me

Bush Tucker

Wurdurd Manmoyi-beh kabirri-wayini, bush-waken manmeken.


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An-me An-mak Adberre

An-me An-mak Adberre (Gundjeihmi)

Man-me man-mak Ngadberre (Kunwinjku)

Our wonderful bushtucker!

(In Kunwinjku using Gundjeihmi spelling systerm)

Wurdurd nawu gabirri-yo Djidbidjidbi Gurrambalk gabirri-borlbme man-me Bininj-gen.

The students at Djidbidjidbi Residential College in Jabiru Kakadu National Park have been learning about Bininj bush tucker. gure Djidbidjidbi Gurrambalk gun-dulk gah-di man-me dorrengh. Ngarrih-ngalgeng man-morlak, man-ngukmanj, djilidjili, djalamardauk dja an-marnawan.

Near Djidbidjidbi Residential College there are trees with bush tucker fruit. We found billy goat plum, cheese fruit, bush sugar cane, wild passionfruit and cluster fig.

Dja mak gabo gunyed nawu gabirri-djuhge wanjh ngarri-bongun bu gebdjened ngarri-garrme.

And also green ants nests which we put in water as medicine to drink when we have a cold or flu.



An-morlak (Gundjeihmi) Man-morlak (Kunwinjku)

Billy goat plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana)





Cheesefruit (Morinda citrifolia)



Bush passionfruit (Passiflora foetida)

Al-godjok ba-ngalgeng gabo gunyed


gabo gunyed

gabo gunyed

green ant nest (Oecophylla smaragdina)


Na-godjok ngan-bukkan djilidjili


an-marnawan (Gundjeihmi)

Cluster fig Ficus racemosa


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Season's Eatings from Warddeken

It's Kunumeleng season (first rains, spelt Gunumeleng in Gundjeihmi). It's also the summer holiday season.. Here is a festive season greeting card from our friends at Warddeken Land Management Ltd.

The card features two bush foods which are abundant in kunumeleng.

Man-dudjmi (Kunwinjku), An-dudjmi (Gundjeihmi and Kundedjnjenghmi dialects), man-moyi (Kune dialect). Scientific name Buchanania obovata. A short variety of the tree is known as an-wodberr. The photo below is an example of an-wodberr, a favourite food for both bininj dja ngurrurdu (people and emus, or in Gundjeihmi bininj dja alwanjdjuk).

As for the bush red apple, man-djarduk (or an-djarduk in Gundjeihmi and Kundedjnjenghmi), you can hear a song about this fruit here. The scientific name is Syzygium suborbiculare.

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