Printing program with Artists of Kakadu

Printing program with Artists of Kakadu

Gabarri-yawoihbimbun Kakadu, printing program.

by Dianne and Andrew Blake.

The Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC),working in partnership with Community Prophets and Children’s Ground  are facilitating printing workshop initiatives for young people and senior artists of their Kakadu NT region. The artwork has been inspired by trips to rock art sites on the Mirarr clan estate.

Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation, Community Prophets dja Children’s Ground gabarri-djarrkdurrkmirri ba wurdurd, yawurrinj dja yawkyawk gabarri-borlbme bu gabarri-bimbun gure printing program. Dabbarrabbolk warridj gabarri-bimbun gure andehne printing program. Barri-wam barri-nang gun-wardde bim gure Mirarr gun-red bedberre.

The aim is to implement and teach printing skills that remain within the community and to create a workspace for all artists to use.

Initial lino cut, collograph and drypoint etching workshops were part of the GAC school holiday program in 2011.

Boyen, 2011 barri-garrmi an-biyiga program barri-borlbmeng anbu Balanda gabarringeibun lino cut, collograph dja drypoint etching.

These prints went on sale at Jabiru's annual festival known as ‘Mahbilil’ to great public-response. Proceeds went directly to the youth.

Barri-weigang bim gure Mahbilil festival dja barri-wern bininj barri-marnedjare. Yawurrinj dja yawkyawk barri-gukmei gun-wardde wanjh.

Last year there were two follow up workshops. These prints were again successfully exhibited at the 2012 Mahbilil Festival. The Jabiru printmakers will be exhibiting once again at this years Mahbilil Festival in September. The Jabiru  Area School has provided a space for the printing to take place within its art department. 
 The community centre has been establish to create an arts space that is inclusive of all community members of the Kakadu region.


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