Jabiru School Print Workshops

Jabiru Area School Print Workshops 2012

Stuart Whitby's Art Class

With guest printmakers and former Jabiru residents Diane and Andrew Blake

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Bulanj Murray kabendjawan yawurrinj nawu birrihbimmarnbom.

Murray Garde talks with 3 Jabiru School students about their prints—Jimmy Marimowa, Cuisak Nango and Hezekiah Lane.


JAS Jimmy namarrkon edited

[00:00:00] Jimmy: Ngaye Jimmy Marimowa

I am Jimmy Marimowa.

[00:00:02] MG: Jimmy yingeyyo, en kunred ke baleh?

Your name is Jimmy, and where is your country?

[00:00:05] Jimmy: Minjilang

[00:00:06] MG: Minjilang. Ngudda Minjilang beh.

Minjilang, you're from Minjilang.

[00:00:09] MG: Nanih, njale yibimbom?

What have you painted?

[00:00:11] Jimmy: Namarrkon.

Lightning Spirit.

[00:00:12] MG: Namarrkon, and njale... njale kakarrme?

The Lightning Spirit, and what does he have?

[00:00:15] Njamed axe, dadken.

Whatsit, an axe, stone axe.

[00:00:18] MG: Yoh, kaburriwe ey?

Yes, he throws it ey?

[00:00:19] Jimmy: kaburriwe

He throws it.

[00:00:20] Nakodjok: karrong.

He strikes with it.

[00:00:21] MG: Karrong! Kamayhke!

He strikes with flashes of lightning.

[00:00:22] Jimmy: Yoh.


[00:00:23] MG: Balekeno karrinan bu kamayhke? Yiman kayime kurrung ey.

When do we see those flashes of lightning? Like in kurrung season ey?

[00:00:29] Jimmy: Yowey.


[00:00:30] MG: Yoh, kunumeleng, kurrung.

Yes, in kunumeleng and kurrung seasons.

JAS Nakodjok mimih edited

[00:00:00.00] MG: Kunkurn bale yikurn ngudda?

Skin name, what is your skin name?

[00:00:01.14] Cuisak: Nakodjok

[00:00:02.06] MG: Nakodjok

[00:00:02.22] Cuisak: Wamud

(also known alternatively as) Wamud

[00:00:03.14] MG: Wamud, en njale yibimbom Wamud?

Wamud, so what have you painted/printed Wamud?

[00:00:05.17] Cuisak: Mimih

[00:00:06.14] MG: Mimih, wardi, wardi yiyolyolme, kalobme o bale?

Can you tell me about this mimih, is he running?

[00:00:10.11] Cuisak: yo


[00:00:11.06] MG: Kalobme. Baleh karringalke mimih?

He's running. Where do we find mimih spirits?

[00:00:14.06] Cuisak: Kuwardde.

In the rock country.

[00:00:15.03] MG: Kuwardde yo. Yinang mimih ngudda?

In the rock country yes. Have you seen a mimih?

[00:00:18.07] Cuisak: Larrk, only nganang njamed, paint ngayime,

No, I've only seen... I've only painted them.

[00:00:22.12] MG: Yo. Yidjalbimbom.

Yes, you've just painted one.

[00:00:23.24] Cuisak: Yo birridjalbimbom kore kuwardde.

Yes, they just paint them in the rock shelters.

[00:00:26.14] MG: mm, ma bonj kamak.

mm OK then, that's great.

[00:00:27.16] Cuisak: Ma

OK then.

JAS nganabbarru malimali edited

[00:00:00.00] MG: Ngudda, ngudda njale yibimbom?

And what have you, what have you painted/printed?

[00:00:02.19] Hezekiah: Nganabbarru

A buffalo.

[00:00:04.08] MG: Nganabbarru o yoh. Ngannabbarru, ngudda nganabbarru yingun?

Oh yes, a buffalo. Do you eat buffalo (meat)?

[00:00:08.17] Hezekiah: yoh


[00:00:09.15] MG: En baleh kabirribun nganabbarru?

And where do they hunt buffalo?

[00:00:11.16] Hezekiah:  mm kore bush.

um in the bush

[00:00:13.03] MG: Kore bush. Kunred ke baleh?

In the bush. Where is your country?

[00:00:15.22] Hezekiah: Malimali.

[00:00:17.00] MG: Malimali, kunred? Kumekke nganabbarru nawern?

Malimali, that place ey? Are there many buffalo there?

[00:00:20.17] Hezekiah: mm nawern.

mm many

[00:00:21.13] MG: Yinang?

Have you seen them (there)?

[00:00:22.10] Hezekiah:  yoh


[00:00:23.09] MG: Ma, bonj.

OK that's all.



That is all.

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