Injalak Screenprinting

Injalak Screenprinting

The famous Injalak screenprints at Gunbalanya are back in production. Isaiah Nagurrgurrba talks about how it all started.

yawkyawk 'mermaids'

Kabirriyingkibimmarnbun 'they draw a design first'

Nakangila kahkurrme screen 'Nakangila places the screen'

Isaiah screenprinting text <— Konda yibiddjuyme ba yiwokbekkan. (click the icon to hear the story).


First nawu ngarrbendjawam nawu...

At first we asked about


konda ngarridurrkmirri

here where we work


screen printing... aa nawu dabbarrabbolk ngarrbendjawam kamak ngundimarnemang design yiman Nawamud

and screen printing... we asked our old people if it was OK to use their designs— people such as Nawamud


Thomson, Kodjok, and Wamud... Wamud namekke ngarrbendjawam bu design bedberre

Thomson, a man of Kodjok subsection, and also Wamud... that Wamud we asked them about permission for designs


kamak ngundimarnemang (dreya???)

we asked if it was OK to use traditional designs


ngarrimyolyolmeng bu namekke print ngarriyime kunmadj

We came and explained how these would be printed on cloth


material... 8 metres table... wanjh Balanda kabirrimre kabirrinan name kunmadj

on material on a table 8 metres long... and then non-Aboriginal people would come and see these prints


kabirribayahme nameke mak artist

and that they would buy them and the artist


royalty yiman name kamang nuyeke

would receive a royalty for his design





nawu kunmadj ba karengere art centre kamarnbun more mani

and that as this continued it would make money for the art centre


ba ngarribayahmeken njamed ink use ngarriyimi

so that we could buy things such as the inks used in the printing


ngalengarre manu screenprinting-ken manekke mani ngarrimarnbun

and all the other things we need to do the screen printing and to make money


ngarrimarnbun T-shirt, fabric

(by selling) T-shirts we make and fabrics


en more birridjaremi nawu kabirridjare bedberre design kabirrimarnbun bad

and then more people wanted to use their designs but


make sure ngarrbenmarneyime minj mak djang ngurribimbun bu njamed wardi

we were told (other artists) not to paint sacred restricted designs, otherwise...


minj karridurren bad kandiyolyolme kadberre dabbarrabbolk.

well it wouldn't mean we would argue over it, but it's just what our elders explained to us.

Bonj, birriyakwong! The finished product.


That is all.



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