Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Man-djewk Na-kudji


Buluhkaduru book launch


Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Kune


The launch of a book in the Kune language (published by Batchelor Press) took place recently at Buluhkaduru outstation. The book is Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Man-djewk Na-kudji 'One Year in my Country'. Text by †Jill Yirrindili, transcribed & translated by Aung Si, illustrated by Jenny Taylor, designed by Christine Bruderlin, edited by Margaret Carew and production support by the Bininj Kunwok Language Project. Everyone looked great in their book cover T-shirts! So many people worked hard to make it a great day. Thanks also to Mason Scholes and Natalie Carey for logistics support.


Here is an old Kunwinjku children's reader from 1973 by Hannah Mangiru, Rachel Maralngurra and Meryl Rowe. Drawings by the brilliant artist Namerredje Guymala.


That is all.