Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Man-djewk Na-kudji

Buluhkaduru book launch

Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Kune

The launch of a book in the Kune language (published by Batchelor Press) took place recently at Buluhkaduru outstation. The book is Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Man-djewk Na-kudji 'One Year in my Country'. Text by †Jill Yirrindili, transcribed & translated by Aung Si, illustrated by Jenny Taylor, designed by Christine Bruderlin, edited by Margaret Carew and production support by the Bininj Kunwok Language Project. Everyone looked great in their book cover T-shirts! So many people worked hard to make it a great day. Thanks also to Mason Scholes and Natalie Carey for logistics support.

Kudjewk dja Bangkerreng

Ngalwakadj Jill Nganjmirra talks in Kunwinjku about the two wet seasons Kudjewk and Bangkerreng and the environmental changes that tell Bininj (Aboriginal people) what foods are available at different times of the year. Key words in Kunwinjku are given as subtitles for the benefit of those learning to read and write in Kunwinjku. The version with English subtitles is below the Kunwinjku screen.

Drawings and voice over by Jill Nganjmirra. Subtitling and video by Andy Peart.

And here's the English subtitled version:


That is all.