Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Man-djewk Na-kudji

Buluhkaduru book launch

Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Kune

The launch of a book in the Kune language (published by Batchelor Press) took place recently at Buluhkaduru outstation. The book is Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Man-djewk Na-kudji 'One Year in my Country'. Text by †Jill Yirrindili, transcribed & translated by Aung Si, illustrated by Jenny Taylor, designed by Christine Bruderlin, edited by Margaret Carew and production support by the Bininj Kunwok Language Project. Everyone looked great in their book cover T-shirts! So many people worked hard to make it a great day. Thanks also to Mason Scholes and Natalie Carey for logistics support.

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Daluhdaluk Kabindibukkan Kunmadj

Here's a video about women weavers from Injalak and Njanjma Rangers teaching tourists how to do fibrecraft, at Border Store in Kakadu National Park.

Daluhdaluk nawu Injalak beh dja mak nawu Njanjma Ranger kabirridurrkmirri, wanjh kabirrire kore Border Store kore Kakadu, bu kabindibukkan nawu birrikukbele tourist, bu kabirringobarnmang kunngobarn dja mak kabirrimarnbun kunmadj.

Video by Andy Peart. Transcription and translation by Jill Nganjmirra, Andy Peart and Murray Garde, Bininj Kunwok Language Project.


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Nawakadj Don kayolyolme bim nuye

Nawakadj Don Namunjdja kayolyolme bim nuye.

This video features "same language subtitling" so you can see what the words look like when written. Recording, transcription and subtitles by Andy Peart. English subtitles are in the second screen below.

Now for the English subtitles:


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Njanjma Rangers

Karribolknahnan Kunred

From ABC Open

In our local language of Kunwinjku, we say "karribolknahnan kunred". It means caring for country.

Looking after our country near Gunbalanya, in Western Arnhem Land, is a big part of our job as rangers.

Here is a little story about some of what we do. In particular, it's about the spot called Red Lily [Woelk], right on the northwestern edge of the Arnhem Land escarpment. We'll teach you some more Kunwinjku words along the way.

This video was made as part of an ABC Open Top End workshop for the ABC Open project Mother Tongue.

A combined group of artists from the Injalak Arts Centre and Njanjma Rangers got together to tell stories and practice with media.


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