Batchelor Course Birriyakwong

Graduate birriyimeng, Batchelor College.

Photos by Kevin Arthur, BIITE.

Tom Wood and Raymond Guymala have a planning discussion the day before their trip from Gunbalanya to Batchelor College on 20 June 2013 for their graduation ceremony at Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education (Certificate 2 in Construction). Thanks to Andy Peart, CDEP Training Officer at Gunbalanya for the recording and thanks to Kevin Arthur (BIITE) for the photos. Thanks to Tom Wood and Raymond Guymala too.

T= Tom, R= Raymond, A= Andy Peart.

[00:00:00.00] R: Tom, wanjh balekeno ngarri-re malayi?

[00:00:04.06] T: malaywi karri-re

[00:00:06.12] R: balekeno kukabel?

[00:00:09.00] T: kukabel karri-re o kumurrng

[00:00:12.24] T: nungka njaleken karri-re?

[00:00:16.12] R: graduate

[00:00:19.04] T: graduate karri-yime

[00:00:19.24] T: kore birri-wern?

[00:00:23.03] R: mulil

[00:00:25.23] T: malayi karri-re, kumurrng, kukabel

[00:00:32.06] T: karri-dungbebme

[00:00:33.20] T: kareh kanjdji kah-dungyo kah-kakyo wanjh karri-dolkkan kunukka six o'clock

[00:00:40.05] T: darnki kah-bebme name karri-re karri-bolkbawon Kunbarlanja

[00:00:43.22] T: seven o'clock mani bas karri-mang mani manu ka-bidbun, kan-bekkan

[00:00:51.23] R: wo kurebeh wanjh ngarr-ngokkowiyidurndeng

[00:00:55.19] yo, karri-ngokkowiyidurndeng

[00:01:00.19] A: njale, njale kabirri-re?

[00:01:02.23] T: murrika karri-re, mandengeyi

[00:01:05.05] R: murrika ngarri-re

[00:01:06.01] mandengeyi

[00:01:22.02] A: Bale ngurri-borlbmeng?

[00:01:09.20] R: aa... building

[00:01:10.18] building, building construction ngarri-re... manekke, ...graduate ngarri-yime

[00:01:15.13] R: graduate


balekeno when

malayi, malaywi tomorrow

-re to go

kukabel morning

njaleken why

-dungbebme 1. arrive in daylight 2. morning rising of the sun

name short version of namekke that

kunukka like that, at that time, that topic mentioned

-mang to get

-bolkbawon leave a place, depart from a place

kurebeh other side, at the other place/other end

ngokkowi evening

-ngokkowiyidurndeng return in the evening

murrika, mandengeyi motor vehicle (car, truck)

-borlbme to learn, to become accustomed to

manekke that, that thing mentioned (of man- class)

njale what, how

wanjh then (sequential)

-dungyo sun be located, exist

-bidbun, go up, go upland

mulil lots, many (also a ceremony name)


That is all.

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